Inside True Blood Episode 56 ‘Somebody That I Use to Know’

After enjoying the wedding buffet in New Orleans, Eric, Bill and the Authority chancellors come to terms with the return of Lilith. The only one who has seen through the hallucination of Lilith, Eric struggles to try to convince Nora and Bill that they have been deceived by the power of the blood. Meanwhile, Luna gets to walk in Sam’s shoes while they try to uncover the identities of the humans who are hunting supernatural beings.

Sookie and Jason continue to uncover more about the murder of their parents and in an attempt to find these answers, Sookie become psychically bonded to the vampire they are looking for. Hoyt is placed in a tough situation as Jessica is captured by the hate group and he must decide to kill her. Lafayette gets his swagger back as he comes to terms with the loss of Jesus and helps Arlene, Holly, Terry and Patrick contact the ghost of Zaafira.


Were you glamoured by this week’s all-new episode of True Blood?

Go inside the episode with Writer and Director of episode 56, Mark Hudis and Stephen Moyer as they discuss Stephen’s first attempt at directing in Somebody That I Use to Know. From camera tricks, to the actual direction of scenes, Stephen and Mark reveal the making of several of the fangtastic scenes from this week’s episode. They delve into several of the transformations that were revealed, from Luna’s transformation into Sam to Bill’s acceptance into the belief of the Sanguinistas.

What are your thoughts about the episode? Feel free to post them below.


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