‘Somebody That I Use to Know’ Clip – Glimmer of Hope

Apparently, Jason and Sookie will be revisiting the fairy club once more. It could be assumed that she will still have some of her powers, but nothing is ever for sure until the actual episode airs. We also get introduced to another new cast member: Claudette (played by Camilla Luddington). Claudette was briefly shown at the end of ‘Hopeless’, but it seems she will finally have some lines this upcoming episode.

Will Claude, Claudette and the rest of the fairies be able to uncover which vampire killed Sookie and Jason’s parents? Or is this all a ploy to hide something more sinister?

Only time will tell and like all things with True Blood, waiting sucks.

Tune into an all-new True Blood, Sunday on HBO at 9/8 CST.


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