‘In The Beginning’ True Blood Clips

An all-new True Blood is premiering tomorrow evening and HBO has been kind enough to release three new clips from it!

Not a mathematician or anything, but how is Sookie half-fae? Wasn’t her grandfather only part-fae?

At least the books were extremely clear about just how much fairy existed within Sookie and Jason. Aside from wanting to say “Let the force be with you”, the prospect of Sookie losing her abilities/magic is not a new concept. This was briefly touched upon when she first met Claudine in Season Three and had to refill her cup (which also restored her to health).

Sam’s finally getting off of Luna’s couch and putting his shifter senses to good use. Though it seems, he’s creeping Kenya out. Probably one of the only sane humans on the show, Deputy Kenya Jones really doesn’t seem amused as Sam rolls around on the floor sniffing out the men who shot him and the other shifters.

The aftermath of Roman’s staking is explored. Not sure exactly if this will play out as well as it could, but it’s certainly nice to have Russell Edgington back every Sunday night.

Waiting sucks, but luckily it’s only for one more day!

True Blood airs tomorrow night at 9/8 CST on HBO.


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