True Style: Killer Fashion

In this week’s all new episode of True Blood, Fangtasia seemed to be the place to be for drama and fashion.

Who were this week’s best dressed?

Tara Thornton may be a freshly turned vampire, but she was rocking the clothes her Maker loaned her. Well, as long as she kept the jacket on.

Rutina Wesley is in amazing shape and anyone who has seen her, knows she’s well-toned in the arms. This however makes her look awkward when attempting to wear something strapless. Instead of showing off her beautiful form, the strapless bustier left Tara looking much thicker and almost manly in the shoulders and arms.

Out of everyone, her makeup was the only one that was vamped up and done in a great way. So kudos to her makeup team for making her vampilicious without looking stereotypical.

Outfit (with jacket): A+

Outfit (without jacket): C

Makeup: A+

Overall: A-

Baby vampire, Jessica Hamby is growing up. Despite her asking the ditzy Ginger for fashion advice, Jessica seems to have come into her own sense of vamp-style. This week’s look was fangtastic from head-to-toe.

While her outfit is actually quite simple, it works well for this young vampire. Her long red hair loose and her makeup only add to the effect. Though her lipstick is a bit too matchy matchy for my taste, it works well with the ensemble. For originality, it’s nothing to boost about, but it certainly leaves gives Jessica that young feeling that is needed when Deborah is supposed to be playing an eternal 17-year-old.

Outfit : A

Hair: A

Makeup: B

Overall: B+

Pam’s going to have a body to die for, for all of eternity and leather always looks good on her. But this dress had some problem areas.

It hugs Pam’s curves nicely, but the bulky shoulder region leaves the dress looking a bit dated (i.e. 80’s shoulder pads. The dress doesn’t really show enough of her chest for such a large dramatic necklace and it actually makes her look hunched over. Her hair is beautiful in its loose, long blonde curls, but the red lipstick isn’t working well. The biggest problem with Kristin throughout the series is that the makeup leaves her looking older and in this case, she looks like a fangbanger who is pretending to be a vamp.

Outfit : C

Hair: A+

Makeup: B-

Overall: B

Who do you think was the best dressed vampire? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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