Will the New Nan Flanagan Please Stand Up

Being the American Vampire League (AVL)  spokesperson is no easy task. Then again, practically having someone’s hand up your back can’t be extremely comfortable, especially for a vampire.

Nan Flanagan was the perfect spokeswoman after the Big Revelation. Blonde hair, blue eyed, it was hard to see the bitch that lied beneath the surface. Her snark helped her in a battle of wits against the extremist from the Fellowship of the Sun (FOTS). After decades of faithfully serving the AVL and the vampire Authority, Ms. Flanagan met the true death after a reign of terror descended upon Northern Louisiana as the local vampires dealt with a coven of witches.

With the belief that vampires are the work of the devil, the Fellowship of the Sun swore to rid the world of those who walked in the night. Armed with a bunker full of weaponry, their misguided beliefs and their elite Soldiers of the Sun, Steve Newlin, Jr. and his followers felt as if their mission could be achieved.

The Fellowship representatives were up in arms as their missing maniacal leader re-emerged sporting a set of fangs, after being missing for six months. Now as the new spokesperson for the AVL, one can only wonder what kind of message the vampires hope to be spreading. From extremely opposed to vampires and their search for rights to utterly supporting their existence, who will truly be persuaded by Steve’s transformation?

Perhaps the Authority should have been more thoughtful about their choice of successor for the position. Steve transformation into a vampire may only further strain the tensions betweet vampire haters and the vampires themselves.

Who do you think made a better spokesperson, Nan or Steven?


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