Inside True Blood Episode 51 ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Tara goes hunting for food and Sookie and Lafayette can’t catch up to her. Tara seeks out Sam’s help but nothing it seems will prevent her from harming herself. The Authority decides to accept Bill’s proposal to exchange Russell Edgington for their lives. Salome is clearly interested in getting to know both Bill and Eric a lot better. Rev. Newlin gets a new job – becoming Nan Flanigan’s replacement as the public face of the vampire of equality movement.

Were you glamoured by this week’s all-new episode of True Blood?

Go inside the episode with Director and Writer of episode #51, David Petrarca and Raelle Tucker as they discuss the fresh perspective of a newly turned vampire and their vision for Tara. They also go on to discuss their feelings on the turning of Pam and how the scenes play such a significant part in explaining how Pam becomes the cold heartless vampire she is today. Also, the character of Salome is further discussed and it is hinted that her story from her human life will play a major role in the political stance she will play later on in the season. Lastly, but not least, they discuss Jason’s past with his teacher and how this reunion will help open his eyes not only to the way he’s living his life, but also to allow the character to grow in terms of dealing with his past.

What are your thoughts about the episode? Feel free to post them below.


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