WTF Tara?

So people where do I even start? Let’s see. Maybe I’ll pick on one of my favorite characters from the series. I do have some personal ties to her as some of you may know.

Tara Mae Thornton

In the book, Tara Thornton is perceived to be a mild mannered girl with olive skin. You find though, in the books that she is a rather weak, and gullible character. In my opinion she’s spineless. OK the few things I do like about Tara in the book is she doesn’t quite make so many reckless decisions like show Tara. Plus she does get to settle down with JB DuRone.

That to me, has some normal stability.

Show Tara came out with a roaring start. In season 1, we were introduced to an angry black woman, who took no BS from anyone. She was named after a plantation, her mother is an abusive drunk and the only 2 people in the world that matter to her is her best friend Sookie and her cousin Lafayette. She went through jobs like Jane Bodehouse goes through liquor. But, eventually we all know she ends up working in Merlottes when Bill comes into the picture only because she vows to Sam that Sookie needs protection from Bill.

So….. in season 2 is what I say everything starts to head south for the Bon Temps Bartender. We find her being destructive to the point of being arrested. Then gets hooked up with MaryAnn and Eggs to the point common sense does not exist with this woman even before she gets the zombie eyes. You find her making stupid choices and well falling for anything that gives her any attention. Eggs and MaryAnn gave her all of the attention this poor woman was starving for. This is due to the fact of her oh-so-healthy relationship with her mother and lack of father. Hello parental guidance here??? We end season 2 with the tragic loss of Eggs which literally rips the soul from Tara. Yup she was what she perceived to be as “in-love.”

To continue this hot mess we get into season 3 which could have gone in many directions. But they chose to continue this downhill spiral of self destructive behavior. After discovering Eggs being shot, we’ll now go down the path of drinking, and suicidal behavior. Yeah Bravo Lafayette. NOT! In the so called real world, she would have been treated in a medical facility with her current break-down scenario. But, all this being fiction we’ll drug her up, and fill her up with alcohol. Great combination. So while she’s playing the woe is me victim YET again like we saw in season 2. This time we make the absolute stupid decision of alcohol and drugs and hell Franklin is paying attention to me. So what do we do? Sleep with him. This part really made no sense to me. Yeah she pounded the rednecks in the parking lot which turned Franklin on but, she has a total hate-on for vampires as early as season 1. SO, WHY IN THE HELL DID SHE SLEEP WITH HIM??? Another desperate cry for attention? We will never really know. But this just gave us more of the victimized Tara. Lovely. and you know how the rest of that hot mess ends in season 3.

Season 4. My opinion there wasn’t much to do with her character. It was is if the writers weren’t sure what to do with her either so they put her with Marnie. Which again, this character gave her the attention she was yet again looking for as she was still being the victim of Franklin, Eggs, and MaryAnn. Eventually she did try to get away but after she got Pam rather upset with her. So now we have a vengeful vamp to add to this mess of her woe is me victim. Unfortunately, she got shot.

The few things about Tara Thornton that I’ve noticed is the repetitive pattern of attention-seeking behavior hidden behind the fascade of the tough bitch. Underneath all of this we actually have a very lost soul who really has no where to fit in. Failed family life, and failed relationships have left her with ZERO self esteem and now before getting shot, her behavior had escalated to more self destructiveness and lack of common sense.

She is a very loyal friend and will always have their back. But, if you break this loyalty, she will find a way to mess you up. She has some serious self-esteem issues which I hope will somehow be addressed in the upcoming season. I want to see the strong woman we met back in season 1 to return.

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