Petition for an MA Rating on

Fans have been given the short side of the stick when it comes to their freedoms. Now it seems is joining the ranks along side of Facebook and Google Plus in their unfair treatment of fan-based accounts.

In an attempt to stop this unfair treatment, several fan fiction writers are banding together to sign a petition begging the site to create an MA rating as opposed to the removal of hundreds of fan fictions based solely on their adult content.

For years, authors on the site have been posting stories, and putting a lot of time into them. As of June 4th, 2012, stories with sexual or overly violent content will be taken down. It is understood that many stories with sexual content or “lemon” as it is often referred to may not necessarily belong in the M rated category, but that does not mean they should all be taken down. There is no reason why cannot add an MA rating so that those stories can be rated properly. Authors have put a lot of time into writing those stories, and though some people may consider them too racy, it is widely known by all readers on the site that if a story is rated M there will be heavy sexual content. Those people can choose not to read it if they feel uncomfortable.
It is not right to ban stories of that nature, it is an issue if freedom of speech to take down stories like that. Unnecessary censorship of graphic stories is not right when there can simply be an MA rating added. Those stories can all be transfered to the higher rating and everyone would be happy.

If does follow through with taking down these stories, it needs to be understood that the site will be losing a large amount of it’s members who have put in a lot of time and effort to make this site what it is today.
Please sign this to help us keep the right to our stories.

Sincerely, writers of fanfiction.

This is a travesty, as the entire concept of the site is to allow fans of different genres the opportunity to write, post and share their fan fictions. With the removal of adult-related content, the site is violating the writer’s right to post their creative ideas as well as damaging their own image.

Do you find the removal of this content to be unfair and believe a MA rating should be placed as an option? Sign the petition here.


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