Authority Think: The Authority Always Wins

The Blood of Lilith
The First
The Last
The Eternal

We are born of Lilith, she who was created in God’s image.

The First
The Last
The Eternal.

We swear fealty to the Blood and to the Progenitor.

The First
The Last
The Eternal.

Lord and Lilith, Father and Mother, protect us as we protect you, from this day until the hour of the True Death.

And in the Lord and Lilith’s name we say Vampyr

Although perhaps less time was spent on Bill and Eric and their problems with the Authority, this week was infinitely richer for what time we did get. Although there were a few things at play, the biggest and most obvious is religion and the role of it within the Authority and vampire society as a whole. Let’s look at what we did learn on that front:

– They have a Vampire Bible, the so-called Original Testament

Like any good religious document, it has a Creation story. Before God created Adam and Eve and he created Lilith in His image, a vampire. Adam and Eve’s purpose? As we first heard in the voice over narration during the first extended preview:

“And their flesh shall nourish yours,
Their blow shall flow within you,
For as the beetle nourishes the lark,
So shall human nourish vampire.”

Presumably from there there are other changes as well, but obviously those are the most important. It remains unclear just how well known the doctrine really is. The way Dieter asked Bill if he knew what the text makes you wonder if it is not necessarily all that common knowledge anymore and therefore anyone who does know may be a vampire of interest, especially given how they seem to be on a proverbial witch hunt for the fundamentalists.

The Sanguinistas came up over and over during the questioning, they’re clearly scared by them. But how many are there and how powerful is that sect? Although the story is now shifting to the hunt for Russell, it’s a fair bet that this isn’t going away especially given the preview that mentions that the Authority is the only thing preventing all out civil war. While that is no doubt so manner of hyperbole, there is bound to be truth behind the statement as well. From a point of pure speculation, it will be something that happens between Bill and Eric and the Sanguinista faction (although not Authority fans you can’t see either of them going to the other side at this point, especially not with their given history) that allows them to survive the season. One final note on this for all the tension there is surrounding the fundamentalists, religion is clearly still important judging by the little Communion like ceremony held before things got underway. Another nice subtle mirroring of our society in theirs.

Other points of interest:

-The Council is clearly divided.

Nora mentioned this last week and the short debate we saw this week indicates this. If nothing else, it indicates there are some voices of reason there, even if Roman himself is taking a true hardliner stance.

-They have fun torture toys.

Between the UV lights an the injection silver, the shop where Sookie picked up her silver mister had nothing on them. But it figures that vampires would know how to hurt other vampires best.

-Did a Sanguinista turn Newlin?

On True Bites we’ve discussed that it seems likely that Steve was turned by someone in the Authority or near it, a notion driven by Steve’s comment to Jessica that Bill is no longer the King. Now watching the scene in its proper context it seems to point even more to that idea than before. Pam is still clueless that Eric is gone and while Jessica knows Bill is out of town she doesn’t know where exactly. His tone of voice has a definite air of “I know something you don’t” about it, as opposed to just an empty bluff to unnerve her.

Why I think it’s a Sanguinista though was the interview that Jason watched on TV, when Newlin said that he found God again “in the darkness.” Steve was already approaching fundamentalism when he was still human, he’d be a prime candidate to believe in the same kind of extreme beliefs as a vampire. Who better to bring onto your side?

Continuity Question of the week

I leave you on this last note: Roman asks Bill why as King he allowed Russell to live. And yet from what we saw, Bill only took out Sophie Anne only after Eric had revealed the truth to Sookie. By that sequence of events, Bill wasn’t King when Eric made his choice. That leaves us three ways we could interpret that question. a) Bill should have ended Russell after he became King since now he was more or less duty bound to. b) the sequence of events in season 3 were shown out of order or c) this was a continuity goof on the part of the writers.

What do you think?


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