True Blood Claims Two Spots on EW’s Family Affairs: Creepy? It’s All Relative

Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly (EW) released 22 family hookups that can make you wonder, just how creepy is it to keep it all in the family?

Ironically, True Blood‘s on inbred werepanther community located within the small town of Hot Shot didn’t make the list. However True Blood was able to scrape up two spots on this list.

The Couple: Bill Compton and Portia Bellefleur (True Blood)
The Players: Stephen Moyer and Courtney Ford
Creepiness factor: 5 out of 5
EW: Sure, you’re allergic to daylight and silver. And you’re never more comfortable than when sleeping in a coffin. But want to know the worst thing about being a vampire? Living for so many centuries that you may unwittingly have sex with one of your own descendants.

Our Thoughts: In the case of Bill Compton and Portia Bellefleur, we personally agree with the writers at EW. The yuck factor in this coupling is through the roof. Ironically, having Portia arrive in Bill’s office with her list of why they should be together pushes up our vote to a 10 out of 5. Though we do give Bill props for his fantastic use of glamour as a means to keep this little terrrier at bay.

The Couple: Eric Northman and Nora Gainsborough (True Blood)
The Players: Alexander Skarsgård and Lucy Griffiths
Creepiness factor:4 out of 5EW: Eric greeted the Authority-infiltrating Nora with a deep-throat kiss before introducing her to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) as his sister. Technically, they share a sire instead of a bloodline, but that didn’t make Eric’s proclamation, ”We fight like siblings and f— like champions” any less whaaaaaat??!!-inducing. —Lanford Beard

Our Thoughts: While we may have a problem with the idea of Eric healing his freshly wounded broken heart by putting his infamous gracious plenty to good use, we don’t truly see a problem with this pairing. It is common for Makers to bed their children (which ironically Eric and Pam haven’t made this list). So the idea of two of these children playing “show me yours”, is not entirely farfetched. Also, vampires as a whole view themselves as having ascended to a higher status and thus, the human’s views on the matter wouldn’t phase any vampire who is placed under such scrutiny.

We’ve shared our thoughts on the matter of keeping it all in the family, now it’s your turn to share yours below!



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