Negotiations and Consequences

The body count is just beginning in True Blood newest season, but we aren’t just counting who is dying this year. A lot of baby vamps seem to be popping up and it leaves one wondering, just how many vampires can one show maintain?

Granted, the amount of finally dead vampires easily outweighs the newborn rate, but still. Do we need three baby vamps?

Perhaps Eric and Pam should consider adding a night care facility to their list of profitable establishments.

The newest edition to the fanged persuasion is the foul mouthed, Tara Thornton.

After selflessly, throwing herself before her best friend, Sookie Stackhouse, Tara was rewarded with a shot to the side of the head. After nine months of bleeding out all over the telepath’s kitchen floor, season 5 picks up right where the previous season left off.

For months, fans have pondered over what would happen to Tara. Would she die? Would she survive and if so, how?

Well the waiting is over and the answer comes in the form of the tall, beautiful blonde Pam Swynford de Beaufort. Or perhaps, more accurately, her blood.

Though, as with dealing with all vamps, saving Tara’s life comes at a price. Sookie was forced to promise to use her “magic fingers and super snatch” to fix things between Pam and Eric Northman, as well as she must owe the vampire a favor.

Truthfully, we were a bit surprised to see just how easily Pam gave in. Perhaps she assumed Tara was so far gone that it wouldn’t work. Nonetheless, the scene felt a bit like hand waving everything to work, as opposed to actually plotting a plausible storyline.

Positives about this storyline:

  • A chance for redemption for both Pam and Tara
  • Lala and Sookie have both lost enough (for the time being)
  • A different take on being a new vampire
  • Forces more Pam time
  • Pam’s cryptic hint at attempting creating a child before and it failing (i.e. Possible storyline?)
  • Funny scene in which Pam is dressed in a “Walmart” sweat suit (which ironically, was not actually from Walmart)


  • Pam was too easily persuaded and adding “fix Eric and I” bit, made her look weak.
  • Tara should have been too far gone for that little of blood to work. Loved Bubba in the books, but a Tara-ish Bubba is not appealing.
  • Pam’s sudden inability to recall how to properly change a child. Her vault seemed to be failing her, despite the fact, she walked Bill through the procedure just a year prior

Of course, from what we can tell, there is something off about vampire Tara, but for now, we’ll keep from putting that under a list.

In her live chat on HBO Connect on Monday, Rutina Wesley said she drew inspiration for her portrayal of Tara’s vampire self from a specific animal, though she refused to name which one…

It’s not really clear what she’s going for in the clip HBO released for tonight’s all new episode Authority Always Wins, but Tara is certainly on a rampage. Perhaps her stance is that of a large ape, a gorilla maybe? Though, if that’s the case, it’s a new take on things.  It’s not an animal commonly associated with vampires.

We have high hopes for this story line this season. Despite the risk that Tara may be “utterly fucktarded” we can’t help but be excited to see how vampirism changes Tara and what effect it will have on her relationships with Sookie, Lafayette, Sam and even, Pam.

What do you think of Tara’s new set of fangs? Are you excited to see what will happen?

Feel free to leave your comments below.


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