True Bites “It’s Back!”

As many of you know, @TB_PamR and I (@DarlingSookie) began our own blogtalkradio show last summer. We are pleased to embark on our second season on the air.

But how many know how the idea came about?

There are several other sites that do radio shows, many of which we are fans of, including Dead Air (hosted by and True Blood in Dallas (hosted by LovingTrueBloodinDallas). We had listened in, co-hosted or called into several of these shows and enjoyed the experience. A friend of ours at the time had decided to create her own blogtalkradio show. But after a few weeks, she decided it wasn’t for her. By this point, both Pam and myself were considering creating our own.

With our friend’s permission and the idea to host it as the characters in which we play. We talk about both the show and the book series in which it is inspired after. We’ve discussed the good, the bad and even the rottin’ Pam debacle of the Summer of 2011. We don’t sugar coat it and while we have our own opinions, it’s always wonderful to hear the opinions and thoughts of others on the matter.

Why the name True Bites?

Well that’s easy enough. As you know, we mainly cover True Blood. But also, the friend who created a show, had named theirs Truly Addicted and at the time, my RP group had a news blog, News Bite, before it merged to become part of the Preternatural Post. Truly Addicted -> True Blood -> News Bites.. eventually we settled on the name True Bites.

Since those first shows, we’ve extended our time slot from 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours and we have added our dear friend, @VampKingBill as a co-host.

What can you expect from True Bites this season?

We are excited to say that we have many exciting things happening this True Blood season.

The first, as many of you know, is the 30 Night Fang-A-Thon. In which several truebies have banded together and pledged to blog every night for 30 nights leading up to the Season 5 premiere of True Blood. I am pleased to announce that it has been such a success, that we are planning to host a Fangover blogging event, following the True Blood finale.

Also, we have several special guest hosts joining us throughout the season. Which is always interesting, since it certainly adds to the mix and makes the show more entertaining.

As you can see, we  our very own True Bites blog. This is where you can come to find out all the latest info about all things related to our radio show as well as info on True Blood.

Lastly, we are extremely excited to announce we are adding another co-host to the show. @JBDuRoneTB will be permanently joining the show and gracing us all with the male perspective on all things True Blood.

True Bites will be all new tonight at 9/8c for an episode called It’s Back!

With less than a week to go before the return of True Blood Season 5, tune into @DarlingSookie, @TB_PamR and @VampKingBill as they discuss the latest news all you Truebies are buzzin’ over.

Love is in the cards for Tara? Who are the new women in Eric and Bill’s lives? How will Sookie and Lafayette survive while proclaiming to be on a supernatural-free diet?

All this and more will be discussed. Callers are always welcome and the chat room is another means for you to join into the discussion!

So join us as we cover the new season as it unfolds and as always feel free to call in or participate in our chat!


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