Minutes 7 & 8 of the True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Nothing like flying balls of… Fairy Dust(?) to scare you as you run for your life.

Jump into an abyss of darkness or stay around and get harvested? I’m confused as to why this is a hard decision, but as we all know… Sookie is sometimes a bit slow on the uptake. Lucky for her, her grandfather isn’t and pushes her in as the portal closes. Of course, this is after being told he can not leave since he has had the lumiere fruit… so we will await anxiously for the outcome of Sookie’s grandfather.

Of course this scenario isn’t all too surprising, considering HBO’s “Show Your True Colors” campaign. It seems the fairies are the first to do so and I’m sure they won’t be the last.

13 days until the blood begins to spill!


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