True Blood’s “Dig Deeper”

Who doesn’t want to win a trip to an Ultimate Fan Experience? Or perhaps a copy of ‘True Blood’ Season Three?

Well, here’s your chance!

HBO has begun it’s “Dig Deeper” sweepstakes, which features a 30 second, interactive skit. As the host walks through, what looks like a train station, fans are urged to carefully observe and discover clues from Season Three of True Blood. After correctly finding and labeling sixty clues, the fan is then given an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes.

This sweepstakes runs from May 23 – July 17 and the prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize – A 3-day/2-night trip to a a destination within the United States for winner and a guest to take part in a True Blood fan experience in 2012
  • 5 First Prizes – True Blood: The Complete Third Season on DVD
  • 5 Second Prizes – True Blood Plastic Bottle Beverage

So, while you await for the highly anticipated Season Four Premiere of ‘True Blood’, Dig Deep and enter for your chance to win!

‘True Blood’ Dig Deeper


20 responses to “True Blood’s “Dig Deeper”

  1. I’ve 57 clues answered, I cant find 2 of them, and the bartendar pours shots like?
    It’s fun, but cant save the game as required, have tried on 3 different computers and all 3 fail at saving game and posting to facebook. I think game has a glitch.

    • 22. Russell’s Spurs -the host at the end while he’s sitting on the shoe shining stand-
      32. Lafayette’s Voo Doo Talking Dolls -on the bench at the very beginning next to the girl in Lafayette’s Jersey-
      37. Jason’s Rabbit -behind the bartender pouring shots on the top shelf-
      47. “No Biting on Premisis” Sign -off to the left of the bar on the wall-

      • #11 The waitress in the bar area is wearing a Merlotte’s shirt
        #16 In the last scene, there is a figure in black robe that appears and in his hands he’s holding the “Viking crown”
        #26 In the bar area, at the table, one of them is being served “Blood Bisque”
        #44 Tru: Blood bottles (I believe it’s in the bar area)
        #57 Sookie and Tara postcard next to the host at the shoe shining station

  2. Doh! I had the dolls and the sign on my first go around. Had to redo it b/c it didn’t save. Wouldn’t have got those other two though. Thanks again!

  3. I am so close! I am lost on who wore the hooded cape thing, who the dude in the soldier worked for, who is behind the information desk, what do they mean by eric’s sign?, and what channel is it?

    If anyone could help that would be awesome! Thanks!

    • channel tbbn or tbbo
      its on the tv in the last episode of season 3…tara is in sams trailer and its on the tv they r watching in the corner I need clue #54 please where is it???
      russell edgington wore the cape

    • Russell wore the cape.
      AVL is who has the soldiers.
      That is Reverend Newlin.
      Eric’s sign is on a wall, it’s the zodiac sign for Virgo.
      TBBN is the channel

  4. channel tbbn or tbbo
    its on the tv in the last episode of season 3…tara is in sams trailer and its on the tv they r watching in the corner I need clue #54 please where is it???

    • #54. As the host is talk (at the shoe shining spot), there is a blonde sitting there. She will turn in his direction and flash fangs. Click on her then

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