Eye On Entertainment

Eye on Entertainment

May 12th 2011

by Iris Devereaux

Lindsay Lohan gets wrist slap for doing the five finger discount on a necklace. 120 days in jail BUT the judge says she probably won’t see a jail cell. Umm why the hell not? You do the crime, you do the time and umm this is NOT the first time Lohan has been in trouble with the law. Maybe if someone looks beyond her *cough* celebrity status *cough* and make her do what a regular person would do in that circumstance it would straighten her ass out. This on top of her failing an alcohol test while she was in rehab? really? The girl needs help, she’s up there right along side Charlie Sheen. Coddling her for her wrong doing is NOT doing her any favors, in fact it is just hurting her and preventing her from getting the help that she needs and like her or not that she deserves along with anyone else that has her issues.

Quentin Tarantino says he wants Lady Gaga for his next film. Now that is a pairing right there! Quentin Tarantino a movie genius who has some serious issues with such films as Pulp Fiction, Dusk Before Dawn and of course the Kill Bill series (all awesome but really messed up movies) is looking to talk to the Gaga one at the Cannes Movie festival

Tarantino has recently confirmed his new film, which he has finished the script for, will be titled Djanjo Unchained. The film will tell the story of a freed slave’s revenge against his former master. Whether this what he had in mind for Gaga or not isn’t quite clear yet… (why does the premise of that film coupled with Tarantino just frighten me. I am sure any movie that Tarantino finds and puts the Gaga one in will be most interesting *nods nods*

For all you GNR fans (me included other than Axle Rose – great voice but personality of a wet sock that has laid around awhile) Seems Steven Adler former drummer for GNR once got a peek at lead singer for Aerosmith Steven Tyler’s smallest astronaut and it wasn’t so small. Seems Mr Adler was “devastated” by the size of Steven’s johnson that he was afraid to undress himself. *gives pause* maybe that is why the rocks stars get laid all the time, we all know Kiss band member Gene Simmon’s imfamous tongue, but maybe he had it going elsewhere too, though the tongue would be enough *smirks* Guess Mr. Adler got to get a peek at Tyler’s goods when Tyler was umm “entertaining” about five women at once. God bless those rock stars *smirks* Then Adler admitted to taking “extending” pills and exclaiming “they don’t work” LMAO “you think?” *smh*

More GNR news and OMG – in my GNR days my hottie in the band was the bassist Duff McKagan, I didn’t give a damn about axle, and Slash was cool, but damn too much hair not to mention his love of snakes, big snakes (hmm wonder if he was compensating for something *waggles eyebrow*) anyways after GNR parted ways and Duff and Slash and I think another member got together with some other rocking boys and formed Velvet Revolver and Duff cut his hair (total devastation for me loved the long locks) I kind of lost track, it happens. But while I was getting the goods (or finding out about the lack there of) of Steven Adler I also noticed this article about my Duff, which made me go OMG and *smh*

It seems that when Duff is on tour with Velvet Revolver and doesn’t have the company of his wife that he gets lonely (lets hear an awwwwww) and well let me let the Duffer explain in his own words because well I don’t think I could do it justice saying it in my own words *nods nods*

McKagan explained that while deprived of the company of his wife on the road he often finds himself mistaking male band members for the female of the species.

“You’re away from your wife and whatever, and I don’t fuck around – but there are no women on the bus,” he outlined. “All of a sudden, well, your bass player’s got long black hair, he’s wearing his little sister’s pants, and out of the corner of your eye he looks like a hot chick.”

He added: “We call it ‘road gay’. We don’t actually act on it…”

McKagan was presumably referring to touring duties with current bands, Velvet Revolver and Loaded rather than his Guns N’ Roses gigging days past. But you never know.

All I can say I’m glad he doesn’t “act on it” *road gay* wtf? *smh*

In TV news, rumors are abound that Hugh Grant will be replacing Charlie Sheen in the sitcom Two and a Half Men. Hmmm wasn’t a very married Hugh Grant caught in a car with a prostitute several years ago? Seems he wants 1 mil and episode, but CBS says he will get less than that if he takes the role *gasps* how we he ever survive without a mil an episode?

Seems Pirates of the Caribbean diva Kiera Knightly won’t be around for a fourth installment of Pirates, seems she has had enough and wants to do something else. Seems that the actress started the Pirate films when she was only 17 and is now 22 and feels that the movies took a big chunk of her life and the shooting was very grueling and she just wants to “do other things” She has a bunch of other movies coming out including one with Viggo Mortensen (mmmmm VIGGO) lucky vixen on that one. Good luck Keira!

Ok I have to laugh with Will Smith on this one. Seems Will Smith brought a huge oversized trailer with him to the SOHO region where I guess residents were’nt very pleased with the size of the trailer. Seems it was “choking business revenue and filling the streets with exhaust fumes” umm yeah ok. Will was in town to do a shoot for MIB3. My question doesn’t every day traffic cause exhaust fumes? *ponders*

For those Fox show watchers specifically the shows Human Target, Breaking In and Lie to Me as well as Traffic Light, start waving bye bye as Fox announced they will be cancelled and there will be no second season for Chicago Code.

That wraps up this addition of Eye on Entertainment. Stay tuned for more dish on your favorite celebrities, movies, tv shows and the like coming soon.

Peace out

Iris Devereaux


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