My Interview with BecomingTruebie

Ever wondered why people start RPing? Their ideas on the prospect and their real feelings on the show or books they base their RP about?

Becoming Truebie interviewed Once Bitten’s own DarlingSookie to find out all these and more a few months back.

What made you want to get started? And why Sookie?

I actually stumbled upon True Blood Role play and actually Twitter RP in general. Last May, I decided to set out to work on a book series I wanted to write about. The story itself is fully developed and yet every time I sat in front of my laptop, the words just weren’t there. So I decided to focus my time and efforts into doing research on Vampires and interesting things. I had a light course load since it was Summer Semester and I had hoped it would help focus my attention into what I was hoping to accomplish.

I was already a fan of True Blood, since right after the first Season aired on HBO and had already become a fan of the books its based off of. I saw this ad on Facebook about HBO sponsoring an Ultimate Truebie Fan Experience and the second full round for the location right outside of New Orleans, I won two passes to and then later I was chosen as Sheriff of the event. I then decided to check out the True Blood page on HBO’s site and under their fans section, I was surprised to read about SookieBonTemps. I had never known people were RPing on social sites and while I had a real life Twitter account, I was completely uninterested in it.

The prospect of RPing was alluring and seeing her profile, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. I could discover not only the appeal of Twitter, but also the appeal of RPing on Twitter. I made my first Sookie account on May 25, 2010. Dead in the Family had recently come out and I based that first Sookie off of Sookie after that book. I stumbled along for the first day. Trying to talk to Lafayettes and Arlenes who now, I realize were in groups. But I found my way and had a nice following by the end of my 6th day.

An OC, I had become friendly with then offered me the account you now know of as SookieSC {Now @DarlingSookie} on that 6th day. She was original part of a different group and I started off as her with over 1500 followers (the previous user had used the account as a Reneesme) and now one day shy of 9 months later, here I am!

via My Interview with BecomingTruebie.


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