Musical Chairs

There are numerous ways of to play Pokemon. This game can be as shallow or as deep as you prefer. You can completely over-level one or two Pokemon and get through the game on sheer force or you can evenly level your entire party. You can go with what you catch, or you can spend endless hours breeding for nature and stats. You can have a part of pokemon of a singular type (much like Gym leaders do) or you can have a mix. It is your choice.

I personally fall somewhere in the middle – I like a party of mixed types that I catch and level evenly. I find it to be more challenging and more interesting. The challenge comes from finding Pokemon that are right – and that inevitably leads to much shuffling.

Since I last left you, I have gained two more gyms badges – and as a result, have done much shuffling within my party.

The first to be “placed in the box” (and if not forgotten, then not used) was Jessica.

Jessica, (Purrloin – Normal) – quickly it became apparent that brought nothing to table: no notable attacks, she could not hit hard, mediocre hit points at best. My Child’s name sake, it seems, was ultimately useless. It is not a slight on my child, but also not a surprise. Pokemon caught at the start of an adventure tend to be weak for a reason, and few at the beginning rarely stay in a party until the end.

Jason, (Patrat – Normal) – He went into the box not long after Jessica for many of the same reasons as Jessica. Both Jason and Jessica were Normal types, as is Sookeh (a Herdier her first evolution form) who remains in my party. Sookeh is Sookeh and has better attacks beside, so sorry, Jason. Into the box with Jessica.

Franklin (Pansear – Fire) – I had high hopes for Franklin, he helped through the first gym to be sure, but it was quickly apparent that he could do no real damage. He learns some decent enough moves later on, but too weak for use now. If I tried to evolve him, he’d stop learning until I acquired appropriate items with which to teach him moves and these are not readily available at this stage of the game, so – into the box.

Terry (Timburr- Fighting ) – I rather liked Terry, I truly did. But with the addition of Chow (more on that in a moment) I had two Fighting types in my party and that is really too much. Chow had the better stats…and you know the story. He did a great service in the second gym, however, and I will be thankful to him for that.

Pam (Blitzle – Electric) – of all the ones that I have had to retire, Pam saddens me the most. I have a fondness for Electric pokemon, but it was become all too apparent that she is too much a glass cannon: some good moves, yet she faints so easily within combat. Chow, at the same level, had nearly twice the HP that she did.  Even others in my party had at least 25-50% more than she did. That is just too fragile!

As I am well aware, you should all be capable of noticing that these are 5 pokemon that I have retired, nearly a full team’s worth, with the exception being Eric, my starter (and now on his first evolution, Dewott). So then, it begs the question: who am I using now?

Eric (Dewott – Water) – He has evolved since our last talk. Water pokemon remain very useful, especially against Ground types. They also tend to be difficult to find towards the beginning. I also have a fondness for keeping my first pokemon in my party, so I am certain he is here to stay.

Sookeh (Herdier – Normal) – Normal types can be useful, against Ghosts in particular. And it is Sookeh. I cannot not have her by my side.

Hoyt (Tranquill – Flying/Normal) – Flying types are always useful. I might find a better bird down the line, but for now I have no plans to change him out.

Chow (Throh – Fighting) – Much like Terry, Chow is a Fighting type. Terry was fast, but Chow hits, hits hard and has tremendous stats. I forsee him remaining for quite some time.

SophieAnne (Victini – Psychic/Fire) – She has a most unusual typing, but I like it. Fire types tend to be of limited use, and Psychic types don’t always have good moves to do damage. We shall see if her usefulness remains as we move along.


As you can tell, I am searching for a sixth. Preferably an electric, or perhaps a ground as the next gym I hear is electric based. I could also see myself naming another Sookeh if need be. Only time will tell, and I will remain, as ever adaptable as one must. If you pressed me, I’m certain I could find some metaphor for vampires in here about changing to fit ones environment and the like, but as this is not meant to be a game of Life Lessons, I shall spare you the cliches. Until next time when I shall discuss the absurdities of the protagonists of this game.





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