When is Enough, Actually Enough?

Faery has a sugar crisis on their wings. Companies have reported numerous shortages of sugar in their stocks. What could possibly be causing such a shortage in this staple?

That’s right. Massive amounts have been specially produced and delivered to a high profile figure’s estate. What could be the purpose of needing dozens upon dozens of cupcakes?

Sources say that only one person has been consuming these tasty treats… Branna Brigant. Wife and lover to Prince Niall Brigant, Branna has taken advantage of her husband’s status to deprive the residents of Faery of their access to sugar just to provide herself with hundreds of dozens of cupcakes.

A staff member, in the household revealed that Branna has practically been inhaling the cupcakes every free moment of her day.

One can’t help but question, “Why is Branna consuming so many cupcakes?”

Rumors of her unhappy marriage and extramarital affairs have spread far and wide across the land of Faery. Perhaps she is eating away her guilt.  Hiding her feelings of hurt, inadequacy behind a layer of sugary frosting.

Hopefully her indulgence into the world of cupcake goodness will cease before her health waivers. How will Branna be able to fix her marital problems if she become a cupcake-a-holic?

The prospect of Branna’s fall from grace can leave us with just one question:

Will Prince Niall need a forklift if Branna becomes too heavy for her own fairy wings to carry her?

*this story is approved by Branna… it is meant in a funny manner and no cupcakes were injured in the writing of this story*


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