Spring is Here

*fanning himself* Sometimes I wonder why I stay in Louisiana. There is a limited amount of acceptable men, (though a sexy Viking Vampire still continues to elude me *grumbles*) the entire place is full of Vaggies and their vagginess and now I have to deal with this wretched humidity and heat.

Though there are two perks to the Louisiana heat. Two things to look forward to that gives my doodle a rise…

What are these things?

  • Hot shirtless men
  • Ice Cream

*sighs* Nothing is sexier than watching a hot sexy man licking on a popsicle… except if it’s my doodle instead of the popsicle. *smirks*

Want proof?

See for yourself:

Now the only thing better than that would be watching as the ice cream dribbles onto Eric Northman’s abs and licking it up..

*licks his lips and grabs the video* I’m sorry to cut this one short, but my doodle and I are in need of some self-loving time.


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