Handbags To Die For



Truebies bewere! True Blood has officially bled into the handbag industry.

Hammitt, a handbag company that is based in Los Angeles, has paired off with the marketing department for HBO’s hit series “True Blood” to create a collection of character-inspired handbags. The bag pictured above is “Eric”.

While the evening-sized, black leather $445 “Eric” is perhaps the most wearable design with its shoulder strap and bullet-shaped studs (since Eric Northman’s known to have “taken bullets” for Sookie) — the most true-to-character bag is probably the $485 “Alcide.” The gray shoulder bag is based on the show’s resident good guy werewolf, which is conveyed via its fake fur flap and a life-size, screen-printed wolf image on the inside lining.

The price scale for these bags run from “Sookie” priced at $395 to “Lafayette” which runs for $675. So start saving up! The line should be released to the public sometime early this summer. Just in time for the Season Four premiere. Who else will be biting the bullet and purchasing one of these handbags to show off at your True Blood premiere party?

“Sookie” and “Lafayette”

Source: WWD


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