Royal Love Affairs

Things seem to be heating up in the French Quarter lately. Last weekend, Bon Temps resident, Bill Compton was spotted entering Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq‘s estate. One would normally assume that the visit was of a business nature, but sources claim that he spent the day. This new piece of knowledge can only leave one wondering, what is going on between the Queen and her, sometimes loyal, subject? An unidentified source contacted us with the following picture:

Is it possible the Queen of Louisiana has obtained yet another lover? Tension has been mounting in the week’s since she took on Hadley Hale as a human lover. Just how does the possessive and dangerous, Andre Paul feel about being replaced by a mere human? Attempts to find out the answer to this question and more, but our reporter was found drained in New Orleans.Only leaving more questions than answers.

Whose coffin did Bill wind up in?

If not involved, sexually with the Queen, what was the purpose of his visit?

Who is the mysterious woman in the picture?

What will our fair haired, local telepath think if she ever sees this picture?

As the answers to these questions and more come to light, we’ll keep you up-to-date.


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