More Baby News

Word through the grapevine is, Bon Temps soon be cubling is a boy! Congrats are in order for the little tiger-to-be’s parents as well. Sources say, John Quinn and Aubrey Armani are engaged to be married. One can only wonder who will be sitting on the groom’s side of the church:

In all fairness, we can’t blame Aubrey for snagging the hottie tiger, though one can only wonder where he puts his tail…

In other news, sources say, Inara Dove is expecting twins! That stork was so bombarded he decided to drop two bundles of join for this lucky little fae. Ironically, Inara has been seen frequenting Fangtasia and seen involved in several conversations with its owner Eric Northman. It is a widely known fact that Vampires are unable to reproduce, through sexual means. So why is Inara spending so many nights at a local Vampire Bar? Maybe she is boozing it up? Or perhaps she is the nightly cocktail?

More details as they become available.


2 responses to “More Baby News

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    • This is hilarious. I love it. This gave me a well needed laugh. By the way, it’s twin boys and no the father is no where near being a vampire. 🙂 But the little ones do already have the great god parents of Nyte Stevens and Gabriel Stevens.

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