Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief True Blood T-Shirts

Right now the people of Japan are in crisis, their resources are stretched thin, and they need our help. The death toll keeps rising, thousands remain missing and now they have to deal with the nuclear reactor situation. In addition, millions lack access to food, water, electricity, and medicine.

Many organizations are already on the ground providing relief, including Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. You can provide immediate assistance by donating to help fund the emergency response:

  • Doctors Without Borders is sending highly trained teams of doctors into the hardest-hit and most difficult-to-reach regions of Japan. Donate here.
  • The Red Cross operates 92 hospitals in Japan and has deployed 700 medical relief volunteers across the country already. Donate here.

True Blood News, AlexSkarsgard.netSam-Trammell.com & Skarsgårdnews.com have banded together to design a special “Blood Donor” t-shirt to help in what ways we can. 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be sent to the Red Cross for their Japanese disaster relief efforts. You can find the shirts in our True Blood News store.

(via True Blood’s Nest)


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