Words of Wisdom from Eric’s Ass (Vol. 2)

Don’t @ me if you’re an asshole. *stares and waits to see how many people think they are an asshole*

*is not a disposable ass*

*talks a lot of shit*

Some people think this is a trick, no more than the old peanut butter in the ass to make me look like I’m talking… I’m allergic to peanuts

Shit Happens. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s just too easy, and sometimes it sends you running…

*points myself towards Tweetdeck* If it’s going to suck I might as well reap the benefits…

It’s okay to be an asshole… as long as you look good doing it. *flex*

A vote for Ass love is a vote for a better tomorrow..

Roses are red, and violets taste bad, with just a wiggle of my hips I can drive a woman mad… *wiggles*

*whispers* Babies asses are off limits… in case your body didn’t tell you. *wiggles*

*Ass shrug* Not everyone likes the BUTTer.

*ass stares* How much have you had? I’m a broken exit, never much of a drinker.

*ass agreement* Asshy would be bad.

Assholes have a bad reputation… butt I’m sweet. *wiggles*

If it looks like shit and it smells like shit…. Don’t look at me.. out of commission for over 1000 years. *flexes uselessly*

BUTTer is yellow and dust bunnies are grey, I am pure hotness and tell myself everyday. *wiggles*

Roses are Red, Butter is yellow, there will never be a day that I move like jello. *flex*

I don’t know how to tell you this, butt I’m having your baby.

Life is a lot like being an ass… sometimes it stinks, sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it seems empty.

I heard once that Salesmen are assholes…. so who wants to buy some homemade, asscrafted cookies? *wiggles*


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